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How does granola differ from muesli

How does granola differ from muesli?

Granola is a mixture of healthy cereals, dried fruits, nuts, spices and natural syrups. It’s baked, and that’s why it crunches so merrily!

The main distinguishing feature of granola is its unpredictable composition: yes, there are classic recipes with oat flakes and hazelnuts, but almost always granola is an immense field for experiments. As a result, amazing mixtures are obtained, pleasing with their fresh taste.

The question that is often asked is: is there a difference between granola and muesli? Outwardly they are similar, yes, but their composition and cooking method differ.

High-quality granola always consists of natural and healthy ingredients, such as you would use at home.

How to eat granola? It’s even easier here. Since it is already baked, it can be clicked just like a healthy snack.

Granola is a full breakfast, which is prepared literally in 1 minute – pour into a plate and pour milk. Well, it still remains the basis for creative experiments – you can add it to homemade yogurt and crushed berries, sprinkle it in a smoothie ball, cover it with fruits and seeds.

Don’t forget to put a bag of granola with you in your purse – hunger creeps up as always unexpectedly, and you can have a snack with granola in time.

Sugar-free flavor granules

His ideologist and founder of the project was Elena Naumova, a television journalist. One day she decided to develop the idea of a proper breakfast by starting to cook dietary granola first for her family and friends, and then her favorite hobby developed into something more, or rather into her own business – Granola.Lab.

Granola Recipes for proper nutrition

Let’s tell you in more detail about the different types of granola from Granola.Lab. And keep in mind – none of them contain sugar!

How is such granola prepared? The classic pp recipe for dietary granola is simple: whole grain flakes, dried fruits and nuts are mixed with honey or date syrup, and then baked in the oven for forty minutes.


A crispy mixture of oat flakes, almonds, sesame seeds, pecans, cashews, sunflower seeds, dried apricots, raisins mixed with cinnamon, applesauce and md. You’ll lick your fingers! And most importantly – it’s a hearty breakfast to start an active, full of achievements, day!


Those who strive for lightness will be pleased with berry granola. The manufacturer positions it as the lowest-calorie granola in history! Here you will find cherries, cranberries, apricot kernels, cashews, as well as sesame, md, berry puree, ginger and the indispensable oat flakes. Only 170 calories per serving.


Gentle and moderately sweet granola will help your digestive system due to the content of mulberry. This berry is known for speeding up metabolism, and therefore allows you to keep your weight normal. This granola also includes walnuts, almond flakes and pumpkin seeds.

This article was taken from the men’s health website ahealthyman.com.

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