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Everyone's talking about… Spoilt rich people 

They must be an endangered species, what with the world being the way it is.

Not at all.If you have any sort of concerns concerning where and ways to use kombi servisi, Kombi Servisi you can call us at our web site. The rich are very much alive and spending.

Good for them. Meanwhile, I’m wondering whether fairy lights are an unnecessary extravagance this year.

The wealthy have troubles, too.

Good for them.Meanwhile, I’m wondering whether fairy lights are an unnecessary extravagance this year

Do they?

Yes, they’re running out of Moët. caused by the pandemic.

The only demand kombi Servisi I’ve seen recently was in red ink.

Maybe best to switch off those fairy lights, then. Meanwhile, back in the world of oblivious entitlement, lifestyle influencer has checked in to The Savoy because her boiler broke.

Yes, they’re running out of Moët.Philippe Schaus, the company’s chief executive, told The Times that the rush represents a ‘pent-up demand’ caused by the pandemic

Did she read the room and keep it quiet?

Nope, she unveiled her decision on TikTok then took to Instagram to share photos and videos of her arrival.One was of her being driven to the hotel, with the caption: ‘It’s show time’.

How did that go down with her followers?

Extremely badly. TikTok user @asaltavoosi_ summed up the general mood: ‘must be nice…rest of us peasants are currently using hot-water bottles and hoodies’.

Didn’t I read that Adele has had to check in to a luxury hotel, too?

You did but that was because the one she was in didn’t suit.

Why not?

Ahead of her residency at the (for a reported £500,000 a night) she found that its accommodation didn’t match her requirements.A source told the Daily Mail: ‘It’s not clear what caused the move, but…locally gossip has been spreading.’

The gossip being…

That she threw a hissy fit when she discovered that the proffered suite (with butler) wasn’t in the most exclusive part of the hotel.

This sounds like a plotline from The White Lotus.Surely one of those ghastly rich people will turn out to be the floating body seen in episode one.

We too are addicted to the whodunnit set in a prestigious Sicilian hotel, but you’re going to have to wait for the season finale on 12 December to see who survives.

Then where will I get my fix of spoilt rich people?

Have you seen the film Triangle of Sadness?

Yes!It took everything I love about The White Lotus (bratty rich people, microscopic swimwear) and soaked them in raw sewage… on a luxury yacht. Genius.

In that case, we’d also recommend The Menu.

Let me guess… spoilt people get their just deserts… in a restaurant?

Not just any restaurant.

A very expensive restaurant?

A lifestyle influencer checked in to the savoy after her boiler broke

Exactly… on a remote island, presided over by legendary chef Julian Slowik (played by Ralph Fiennes).This establishment has a dark soul.

They specialise in fish?

In uber-pretention. There is a ‘breadless plate’ on the menu that has nothing on it save some decorative goo.This, kombi Servisi however, will turn out to be the least of the diners’ problems…

I’m booking tickets now! Although, if I want culinary pretention gratis, there’s always the output of Brooklyn Beckham.

You’re referring, we think, to the ‘cocktail’ that aspiring chef Brooklyn (who has 14.6 million Instagram followers) created for online women’s magazine Bustle.

Yes, the one that he described as ‘experimental’.

OK, so it wasn’t actually that experimental.

No, it was a gin and tonic – to which he added ice because he likes his drinks ‘really cold’.

You are not the first person to observe that Brooklyn is well versed in the blindingly obvious.Possibly best if he steps away from the mixology.

Absolutely. Do what other wealthy 23-year-olds do and stick to Moët.

He can’t.

Why not?

There’s a Moët drought.See? It’s not easy being rich.

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